N.O.I.A.’s career can be divided into two parts: during the first, the group is formed of five persons; both words and music are absolutely new, repetitive and absurd. When they are on stage they spread a kind of negative vibrations that raises the pressure in the audience so that half ofit always ends fighting the other half.

In 1980 N.O.I.A. win the first Italian rock festival and EMI releases a compilation including their songs “Europe” and “Hunger in the east”.

The second period in N.O.I.A.’s career begins in 1983 when they sign to “Italian Records” and become a studio group with three members only and no live activity. Their music becomes easier but always repetitive and obsessive.

Between 1985 and 1985 N.O.I.A.’s singles “Looking for love”, “Stranger in a strange land”, “Do you wanna dance”, “Truelove”, “Try and See” and the mini LP “The sound of love” are pretty successful on the European dance market. In 1985 they sign to “Rose Rosse”.

Between 1985 and 1988 they make the singles “Umbaraumba” and “Summertime blues”. In the same period Davide Piatto founds the “Rebels Without a Cause”, a classical rock-blues group where he can finally give vent to all his guitarism. The Rebels have some success and a thick live activity.

Between 1987 and 1990 they release three albums: “Naked lunch”, “Why don’t you die?” and “John’s comin’ down”. In the same period Bruno Magnani founds the “Sacred Circle”, a group that combines a strictly electronic rhythm section with a high amount of guitar feedback. Tey make few live acts but good. Their porno-sacred performances are unforgettable.

Between 1990 to 1994 nothing interesting happens, Magnani and Piatto keep on working together in studio and making incredibly few tracks.

In 1994 their music takes a trance direction and over the electronic stuff they add more and more samples of traditional African and Asian music: the Holy Hole are born. The combination of trance-dub and global influences make their sound immediately recognizable.

In 2000 they come back in studio to record old N.O.I.A. tunes for a new cd out in 2002 released by Ersatz Audio, called “Unreleased Classics 78-82”.


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