Completely Operational
Release date 05 01 2015
Catalog # DEXIT003
Genre Techno


01. Altered States (Original Mix)
02. Altered States (Black Asteroid Remix)
03. Altered States (Ron Maney aka Dj Skull Remix)
04. Question Authority
05. It’s A Mess But We Love It Dub
06. Repetition Is A Form Of Change
07. Triptamina


TenGrams are brothers Alessandro and Davide Piatto, who collectively have a deep and long understanding of dance music. Davide runs the N.O.I.A. label and was one of Italy’s first touring electronic live acts, performing and recording with drum machines and synthesizers as early as 1978. He was also behind seminal Italo outfit Klein + M.B.O and proto house hit ‘Dirty Talk.’ Since then they have released under an array of aliases, have clocked up many hits on Beatport and this new project brings them back to their electronic roots, with influences like sci-fi movies and old school techno looming large. TenGrams are mostly hardware producers, and that shows here.
Up first is ‘Altered States’, a hallucinatory techno hypnotiser with rolling kicks, depth-charged percussive minimalism and simple but effective synth hooks. The atmosphere here is dark and abstract, organic with lots of bass and lo frequencies.
Black Asteroid is the brainchild of Bryan Black, who was a sound engineer for Prince, was in a band called MOTOR and releases on Chris Liebing’s CLR. His remix is hard, heavy and heady. A wonky synth line permeates your brain before more and more frazzled sirens and industrial details litter the groove.
Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, Ron Maney, aka DJ Skull, has proven to be an indispensable contributor to techno over the years. Starting out in the eighties, he released on seminal labels like Trax, Djax-Up and Green Velvet’s Relief. His remix is more tripped out and spooky, with lots of lead synths, cantering drums and whip snapping percussion.
Next is ‘Question Authority’, a funky, drum lead number with stabbed synths, vocals drenched in reverb and a very modern sense of urgency. ‘It’s a Mess But We Love It Dub’ is a more cerebral and atmospheric cut that rolls along wide open vistas with watery droplets, chiming tinkles and other delicate but delicious details adding to the sense of suspense.
‘Repetition Is A Form Of Change’ then gets back to more peak time techno. Above the building tension of the drums and rattling, train like percussion are distant daubs of xylophone sounds that take your mind to another galaxy. Lastly, ‘ Triptamina’ is a supple, Planet E styled bit of colourful, soulful techno that hovers above the ground and douses you in magically manipulated machine lines.
This is proper techno from talented veterans that manages to put most modern day imitators to shame.

12″ Distributed by Clone:


* Claude Young Jr: My favorite tracks are:
Altered States (original mix), Question Authority, It's a Mess but we love it (dub) & Triptamina.
Really amazing release! Will play the tracks in future for sure!
Thanks again, much respect & kindest regards!

* Kevin Arnemann (Fone Audio): 'Will give Repetition is a form of Change a try, thanks.'

* Attemporal (Synewave): 'Dj Skull remix is dope!! Thanks. D'

* Chris Liebing: Support. Thank you.

* Mikael Jonasson (Phobiq / Harthouse / Respekt); 'wow!! thanks to Callum from Dispersion PR for the reminder.. will definitely try some of these out! awesome release!! :)'

* Markus Bohm (Phobiq): 'perfect, that's what my ears want to hear!!! congratulations to all I like the whole ep, for sure I will play "Altered States" the remixes dj skull's is a bomb and I really love the others so you have my support!! Thank's

* Patrick Siech (Drumcode): 'Nice remixes and original of Altered states. Thank you!'

* Colin Dale: '.....some cool tracks here.....working for me.'

* Affie Yusuf (Superfreq / We Love Acid): 'altered states Skulls mix.. and Triptamina '

* Oscar Mulero (Pole): 'Dj Skull mix. will try. thx'

* Colin McBean (Mr G): 'solid ep'

* Kane Roth (Waveform / Little Helpers): 'Altered States original mix for me, I will play this one, thanks'

* Tom Russell (Truss (Dumb Unit, Perc Trax)): 'Black Asteroid remix for me. Thanks'

* Lo Shea (Hope Works / Phonica): 'Liking Altered States, and Dj Skulls remix of it, and question authority.:)'

* Danielle Godiva (Go!Diva (Brood Audio / Brickwork)): 'Really digging the Altered States versions!!'

* Alexi Delano (H Productions / Visionquest / M_Nus): 'Sick!! Will play 100%!'

* Danny Tenaglia:’thanks!!!’

* Ben Sims: 'digging Altered States and Its a Mess but we Love it (dub) here, will drop. thx!'

* The Yellowheads (Alleanza): 'Altered States is the winner! thanks :) ;)'

* Patrick (Answer Code Request): 'Question Authority for me!'

* Sintek (Phobiq / Respekt): 'What an e.p.!!! I'm in love with the entire release!!!'

* Chris Fortier (Thoughtless / Sullivan Room / Balance): 'question authority and its a mess'

* Carlo Lio (Rawthentic Music): 'feeling black astroid mix!'

* Roberto Capuano (Drumcode / Analytictrail): Very nice release!'

* Luigi Madonna (Phobiq / Drumcode): 'so nice! lovely release tnx'

* DJ Rolando (Underground Resistance / Delsin / Ostgut Ton / Skudge): 'Altered States original & Skull remix and Question Authority all doing it for me - will play these out...'

* Greg Chin (Stryke (Plastic City / Ovum)): 'Its a Mess but we Love it (dub) is the one for me here, as well as Triptamina'

* Andres Gil (Refluxed / Phobiq): 'love it!! all original tracks <3'

* Oliver Deutschmann (Vidab/Falkplatz / Berghain): 'Great release, Dj Skull kills it!'

* Steve Parker (Ovum / Synewave): 'Great release, cant pick my favourite right now.'

* Rohan Walder (Randomer): 'The first track I like'

* Angel Molina: I'lltest 'Altered States (original & Black Asteroid remix)', both sound interesting, playable and efficient. thanks. '

* Boris (Berghain): 'Great release!!!'

* Mark Antonio (Analytic Trail): 'Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!!'

* Sam Paganini (Drumcode ): 'Nice! original mix my fav, downloading thanks'

* Dr Motte: ‘Excellent techno & acid release!’

* Stenny (Ilian Tape): 'Triptamina is nice thx'

* Bodyscrub (Organism / Respekt / Phobiq): 'One of the best releases I've heard in recent months....love it!'

* Luca Agnelli (Etruria Beat): 'nice pack tnx '

* Nadja Lind (Klartraum / Lucidflow): 'nice states. thanks'

* Mark Broom: 'Altered States & Question Authority will def be getting some Broom club action!!!!!!'

* Timmo (Drumcode / Octopus)_ 'nice techno.'

* Anderson Noise (Harthouse): 'thanks'

* Kyle Geiger (Drumcode): 'Love the whole package...but the Black Asteroid remix is absolutely rocking! All the versions of altered states including the original are really good...and of course, it's always good to see DJ Skulls name pop up :) Good work guys!'

* Joel Mull (Various): 'Its a Mess but we Love it. Rolling funky beat with chords whats not to like about this track. Really like it. Repetition Is a form of Change. :) '

* Sasha Carassi (Drumcode): 'Support!'

* Morgan Tomas (Reloading Records): 'Awesome Release, Altered Original for me, thanks!'

* Bas Mooy (Audio Assault / Planet Rhythm): 'Altered states +remixes for me! thanks'

* M.I.D.I. (Phobiq / Remain / Analytictrail): ‘simply amazing!’

* Urig & Dice: ‘Nice Thx !!’

* Spartaque: ‘This is HOT! Congrats with amazing release, supporting!’

* Vegim: ‘ Altered States (Original Mix) is the one for me. Will play it loud.’

* Stefano Infusino: ‘Awesome sounds.. will play for sure! thx’

* Lance Blaise: ‘digging the Black Asteroid remix and the DJ Skull remix!’

* Fandino: ‘Cool EP guys! Altered states is the one for me, well done and cant wait for the next one!’

* David Meiser: “Amazing EP guys. Four tracks, four different worthy trips. Full support.”

* Peja: ‘Great stuff here,thank you!’

* Dangeli: ‘TenGrams - Altered States (Original Mix) _ love this !!’

* Jackstar: ‘Black Asteroid remix is the bizness’

* Mixside: ‘Great stuff !!! Thanks !!!’

* Stanny Franssen: ‘Nice EP! In the playlist for sure.’

* The Welderz: BOMB after BOMB !!

* Gabeen: great pack! like it, thx

* Dustin Zahn: I was going through my inbox randomly deleting promos. I almost skipped this one and I'm glad I didn't! Good job, the whole EP is strong!

* Sisko Electrofanatik: proper techno!!! support

* Pacou: quality release

* DJ Nori: Deep!!!

* Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner: big i will play...

* Richard Belsom: OOOoooooeeeeee! Proper techno! Originals are great, QA is very Shed sounding, and AT is just a beaut. The Black Asteroid remix takes me to acid heaven - raw distorted noisy bastard. And been a big fan of Skull's for a while so thats obviously a winner. Top top stuff lads, let me know when the vinyl's out on this as I'll be bagging a copy.

* Fresh Tee: Some proper techno grooves here

* Rob Hes: Love Altered States!

* Lee Holman: DJ Skull bringing the Heat on this one! Thanks for sending!

* Exium: Ron Maney remix for me, thanks.

* Spiral Tribe: thanks wicked

* Dave Miller: Thanks!

* Christian Cambas: Black Asteroid remix ffor me, will be playing :)

* Yari Greco: Good Release, my fav is Black Asteroid Remix

* Coefficient: Nice. Like the Altered States original and DJ Skull remix!!

* Benji Candelario: good tune

* Jorge Savoretti: question authority and dj skull rmx 4 me!

* Enrico Sangiuliano: Altered State is cool! Ron's remix is awesome!

* Chico Perulli: Great EP, 4 me Question Authority...

* Filippo Nardi: Great !

* Raiz: nice to see Skull back, his is definitely my favorite mix

* Brett Johnson: A solid EP of upfront techno!! DJ Skull remix is wonderful!!

* Maetrik: thanks for the music!

* Francesco Bonora: Amazing release, Question Authority is my pick

* Roberto Clementi: TenGrams - Question Authority (Original Mix) is for me! Thanks.

* Bogdan Taran: Great techno EP, I like that here I can feel many colours of the genre. My fav is Question Authority.

* Ivo Toscano: Good techno here, Support!!!

* Andrea Frisina: Full support !

* Chicago Loop: Love 'Question Authority'. Great stuff. Thanks :)

* Joachim Spieth: thanks, will check out

* Salvatore Freda: interesting ep! Nice skull rmx ! will test some over this week. thanx

* James (Blueprint Records): Altered States (Original Mix) for me.....Thanks!!!

* The Welderz: BOMB after BOMB !!

* Gabeen: great pack! like it, thx

* Samuli Kemppi: thanks!

* Synthek: Altered States is my pick here. tnx

* Wired Up Radio: The original altered state is the pick for me thanks

* Axel Karakasis: downloading, thanks!!