Francesco Farias
Release date 23 07 2015
Catalog # DEXIT005
Genre Electronica


01. Doom (Original Mix)


Francesco Farias dj career start at the 80’s end spinning in the East Coast Italian clubs.
In the 1989 he meet Alessandro Staderini, together they found the “Jestofunk” coproduced by Claudio “Mozart” Rispoli.
Together they released several hits such as “I’m Gonna Love You” (1991) which at the time was a sort of revolution in dance music since for the first time funk was incorporated with house in a perfect fusion.
The first single was followed by “Say It Again” (1993), contained in the first album “Love In A Black Dimension”, which also included the great worldwide success “Can We Live” (1994), skillfully interpreted by Cece Rogers.
This kept them busy for many years with the production of music and albums like “Love In A Black Dimension” (1995), “Universal Mother” (1998), including the hit single “Special Love” Feat. Jocelyn Brown lucky single that was later extracted and remixed by “Steve Silk Harley” and “Seventy Miles From Philadelphia” (2003) which involved many artists such as Cece Rogers, Jocelyn Brown, Freddy Mcgregor, Cinda Ramseu, Robert Lopez, Eric Marienthal, Fred Wesley and many more.
Totally, JESTOFUNK ‘s project have sold 1,000,000 of copies around the world and they won a Gold Award for their career.
Some months ago Francesco started a new solo project and signed with N.O.I.A. Records.


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