Release date 04 03 2018
Catalog # DEXIT005
Genre Electronica



TenGrams are brothers Alessandro and Davide, who collectively have a deep and long understanding of dance music. Davide is a co-founder of N.O.I.A, one of Italy’s first electronic live acts to perform and record with drum machines and synthesizers as early as 1978. He was also behind seminal Italo outfit Klein + M.B.O and proto house hit ‘Dirty Talk.’ Since then they have released under an array of aliases, have clocked up numerous club hits and this new project brings them back to their electronic roots, with influences like sci-fi movies and old school electro and italo looming large.

“Devious” is a very breezy and energetic track with a rolling arpeggio and rich keyboards section over a simply but groovy Tr-808 pattern. Classical Italo Space Disco sound updated to nowadays. “Translucent” sounds like a dreamy electro-ballad heavily influenced by Kraftwerk. “Pop Song” keeps the same 80’s electro vibes with simple, wistful melodies and a great funk bass line. “Disco Dub” is a pretty damn cool early eighties electronica, with a great pumping “robo-funk” Linndrum!


*Sam Berdah (Club Bizarre): Very good release once again
*Phred Noir (La Dame Noir): cool music here thx
*James Greenwood (Ghost Culture (Phantasy Sound)): Pop Song for me! Thank you for the music!! Xx
*Chris Massey (Elektriks / Electric Elephant (Croatia) / Paper Recordings / EL Diablos Social Club): Really like the sounds on Translucent! Disco Dub is packing some serious heat too, well good!
*Tim Sweeney (DFA / Beats In Space): Nice one!
*Chloe (Live At Robert Johnson / BPitch Control): the Disco dub for me, thank you
*Jared (My Favorite Robot): sounding good guys!
*Justin Wilson (No Strings Attatched): Cool all rounder - really like Devious
*Timothy Clerkin (Heretic / Eskimo Twins): Coooool!
*Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco): Pop Song pretty cool
*Curses (Safer At Night / Let's Play House / Nein / Throne Of Blood): nice will play these for sure!
*Michel Amato (The Hacker): cool ep, nice synths
*Philippe Binda (Club Bizarre): Amazing, great synthe music.
*Crispin Dior (ADVENTURES IN THE BEETROOT FIELD, DRUZZI'S, FIELD DAY): Disco Dub - God I'm predictable
*Leo Mas (Is it Balearic?): Devious + Pop Song my fav great release x
*Neil Parnell (Tronik Youth): love disco dub
*Sinchi (Night Noise Music): All nice tracks. Thanks for the music
*Craig Bratley (Instruments of Rapture/ Robsoul): POP Song And Disco Dub go straight into the bag, thanks
*Inigo Vontier (Her Majesty's Ship, Mix Le Fun, La Dame Noir, Correspondant): Hey thanks for shsaring! i like it! nice 80s vbes in here i will try some of theme for sure
*Pulp Disco and The Outcasts (Her Majesty's Ship, Correspondant, La Dame Noir): Love TenGrams! Loving this on first listen. Looking forward to listening more. Thanks!
*Pin Up Club (NEIN / Bordello a Parigi / Relish Recordings): Previous TenGrams stuck on my usb still..this no less! Ace release.. Love from Amsterdam
*Maxime Pasquier (POPULETTE (Throne Of Blood/Turbo etc)): thx
*Billy Scurry (Dublin): In love with all of these tracks, Pop Song just pipping the post...
*Jonathan Kusuma (I'm a Cliche Records): nice
*Neil Scott (El Diablo Social Club): perfect meeting of house and italo. right up my street. all tracks are winning round here
*Sebastian Chenut (Scratch Massive): Super beautiful EP, Nice job!!!
*Flemming Dalum (Mothball Records): Great !
*Tom Coverly (Psychemagik): Some seriously nice grooves here
*Gameboyz (Clouded Vision / Relish): sounds cool, will try thanks
*Duncan Gray (Tici Taci): Digging the production here. Preferring the minimalism of "Translucent" at first listen but there's some great moves going on in "Pop Song" too. Thanks
*Hifi Sean (Defected Records / Plastique Recordings ): Disco dub is more my vibe out this package and will be supporting , loving the updated Italo vibes
*Christian Pronovost (Lost Heroes): Overall very good Italo / wave 4 tracks, Devious + Disco Dub are my fave . The only thing messing is some vocals !!!
*Chris Fortier (Thoughtless / Sullivan Room / Balance): sounds good.
*SONNS (Kompakt / Hottracks / ESP Insitute): So GOOD! love Translucent and Pop SongHard to pick a fav on this release.
*Amevicious (La dame Noir / Nein / Blindetonation / Play Pal/ The Exquisite Pai): TenGrams - Disco Dub - N.O.I.A. Records yes!! This One For me!!
*Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros, A Love From Outer Space, Disco Bloodbath): Disco Dub is wonderful
*Popscile (Opilec Music): BRAVO! BEL DISCO!
*Baptiste Bernon (Mondowski (Iboat)): Really love Disco Dub !
*Reza Athar Love all of them! Diego Cortez Salas (DC Salas / Polar): super cool EP ! love every piece of it!
*Massimiliano Pagliara (Live at Robert Johnson): Nice tunes!
*Gianluca Pandullo (I-Robots): I-Robots approved!
*Did Virgo (La dame Noir / The Exquisite Pain / Play Pal / Emerald & Doreen): Disco Dub for me great!!!
*Jorkes (Freeride Millenium): OMG. I can see those hot smooth bubble butts moving with the POP SONG on the dancefloor. Will play this at my next gigs. Works either on dark dancefloors or in steamy pop up galleries.... . Love from Vienna. Keep up the good work.
*Peo Watson (Family Name, Magazine Club): Disco Dub is cool !
*Juan Soto (Nang / Electrique): translucent its a great track... awesome for the sunrise ! Disco dub it's super too. simply loved it
*Michiel (SHMLSS): Devious is my favorite
*Kasper Bjorke (HFN): Really cool EP! Love the productions! Thanks!
*Voytek Korab (My Favorite Robot): Everyone Is Worth Saving was my favorite track of 2017 so I'm very happy to see new stuff from these guys in my promo mail. Lovely stuff as always. Full support and thanks!
*Bottin (Bearfunk): this is great