Daniele Baldelli Gaudi & The Orb Kirk Degiorgio N.O.I.A. Prins Thomas
The Rule To Survive 31th Anniversary
Release date 04 09 2014
Catalog # DEXIT001 - NEXIT001
Genre Electronica


1. The Rule To Survive (Original Mix)
2. The Rule To Survive (Original Instrumental)
3. The Rule To Survive (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)
4. The Rule To Survive (Kirk Degiorgio Remix)
5. The Rule To Survive (Baldelli & Dionigi Remix)
6. Time is Over Me (Original Version)
7. Time is Over Me (Original Instrumental)
8. Time is Over Me (Dub Version)
9. Time is Over Me (Gaudi & The Orb Remix)


Italian band N.O.I.A. was amongst the first electronic music groups to emerge in the late seventies and early eighties alongside peers like Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode. Nowadays they are re-releasing their back catalogue alongside a carefully curated selection of contemporary remixes and this latest package features two tracks, ‘Rule To Survive’ and ‘Time is Over Me’ with remixes from Kirk Degiorgio, Prins Thomas, Gaudi & The Orb and Baldelli & Dionigi.

In their time N.O.I.A. released on labels like Italian Records, had success both in the live arena but also in the studio and were always evolving throughout their active years, from a raucous and abstract sound into a more accessible outfit that were successfully on the Italian, German and Belgian dance markets.

First up is “The Rule To Survive” (Looking For Love), originally produced by Oderso Rubini and mixed in 1983 by Tony Carrasco at the Regson Sound Recording Studios in Milan. It’s a shiny disco cut with tons of bright synth lines, a real instrumental groove and fantastic melodies that shimmer like a hot sun. Nu-disco king pin Prins Thomas is the first to remix and does so in his usual epic, proggy, rock style with even more guitar licks and reflective synth lines.

Long time techno mainstay Kirk Degiorgio and the man behind London’s Machine parties with Ben Sims then reworks the track into a slow-mo bit of techno with whip lashing percussion, cosmic synth work and a healthy 80s vibe that harks back to the original. Italo Disco legends Baldelli & Dionigi then get to work on the same track, slow it down even further and rebuild it in magical layers of arpeggiated synths before dropping some heavily filtered vocal lines for the true kraut-disco feel.The second track on this EP is a previously unreleased one dating back to the second half of the 80s. “Time is Over Me”, written by Bruno Magnani and, up until now, recorded only on the old “8-track” stored away in the Piatto brothers’ studio-loft is a truly lush, dreamy and breezy bit of disco with clean and crisp vocals, loveably tinny drums and intergalactic melodies that cannot fail to cheer you up. As well as instrumental and a classic 80s dub version, Gaudi and The Orb turn out a robotised version that is more driven and direct for the dancefloor, with groaning basslines, meandering synths and plenty of dramatic drum tumbles. It’s full of far from banal reggae and electronic citations and atmospheres and closes out an EP that reminds us of some forgotten classics at the same time as providing the world with some amazing contemporary reworks from some of the best in the game.


Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco): 'Original of The rule is still fab ...Prins Thomas great rmx ...baldelli too'

Matthias Vogt (Motorcitysoul): 'kirk d. always enjoyable!'

Abstraxion (Biologic Records): 'Thanks, I like Prins Thomas' remix!'

Pete Herbert (Studio Bancal Bancal / Reverso68): 'prins Thomas, baldelli and KDG mixes sounding great...'

Richard Norris (Beyond the Wizards Sleeve): 'classic tune, class package'

Stevie Kotey (Chicken Lips / Bear Entertainment): 'Wow remixes of Italo disco are usually sh... on paper but these are pretty good.'

Demian (Correspondant/Clouded Vision): 'Fresh one by Prins Thomas.'

Neil Parnell (Tronik Youth): 'great package...love the baldelli mix and kirk de giorgio mis is great for club play too full support'

Ewan Pearson (Soma): 'the original versions of Rule to Survive still sound amazing - like the Baldelli / Dionigi a lot too'

Nadia Ksaiba (Phantasy Sound): 'can't beat the originals'

David Boswell (Bozzwell / Hiem): 'Like.the.original.great.song'

Roy Dank (Wurst Music Co): 'Vibes galore! Baldelli doin it for me.'

Chris Massey (Elektriks / Electric Elephant (Croatia) / Paper Recordings / EL Diablos Social Club): Baldelli & Dionigi remix coming up trumps here! Great cosmic/spaced out vibes that chug like a beauty!'

Charles Webster (Peacefrog): 'nice set of mixes..thnx'

Crispin Dior (ADVENTURES IN THE BEETROOT FIELD, DRUZZI'S, FIELD DAY): 'love the Prince like drums of Baldelli & Dionigi mix and then it just takes off like Apollo 13'

Ray Mang: 'Wonderful package!! :)'

Francois Kevorkian (Wave): 'All remixes are quite nice and with their own unique flavor, but the Baldelli one seems to be the best of the lot as far as mood and very much looking foward to playing it!! Gaudi mix of "Time Is Over" quite nice as well, as is the Prins Thomas. Lots of good material in here.'

Tensnake: 'great collectin of remixes, thanks'

Telonius (Gomma): 'Baldelli! Good one thanks'

Sweedy Bwoy (DJ Sweed / The Access): 'Kirk Degiorgio is my fav'

Robi Insinna (Relish Records): 'Very nice! The Rule..-¦Original, K.Degiorgio & Baldelli&Dionigi versions are great! Time is over by ( Gaudi & The Orb) is also nice.'

Luke Solomon (Classic / Freaks / Music For Freaks): 'original still kills it for me lots of very tasteful remixes though - me limey'

Claudio Coccoluto (various): 'Great Project in all: Prins Thomas, Baledlli and Dionigi and Gaudi!'

Diego Cortez Salas (DC Salas / Polar): 'nice tracks here!'

Christophe Monier (The Micronauts): 'Original versions for me. I'm not a fan of the compositions but the production was ahead of its time. Anyway it's great to have these tracks remastered and available again.'

Justin Robertson (none): 'prins is tops x'

Yan Wagner (UNO / Pschent): 'Baldelli & Dionigi's remix is rosè on the terrace.'

Cole Medina ((Internasjonal / Foto Recordings)): 'thanks'

Bill Brewster: 'Thomas and Kirk most useable of the mixes. Ta '

Brett Johnson (Classic): 'Classic tune, Prins & Baldelli... remix my fav.s thanks!'

Simonlebon (Burnin Tears / Luv Shack Records): 'Prins Thomas Diskomiks is the one for me, thanks!'

Terence . ((:terry:) Freak N Chic): 'Huge release ,high quality ,in love with the gaudi & the Orb dmx '

Erol Alkan: 'thanks'

Darren Rock (Rocky / Xpress 2): 'Prins Thomas for me.'

Andy Meecham (Emperor Machine / Chicken Lips): 'EVERY TRACK EVERY MIX IS GREAT 10 / 10'

Ricardo Baez (Gomma/ Toy Tonics): 'amazing work! Thanks RB'

Darren House (Diesel / Xpress 2): 'Prins is king!!'

Damian Lazarus: 'Listening now. x'

Tom Findlay (Groove Armada): 'classic stuff, really great release and mixes also wonderful, love Prins T mix'

Mathieu Blardone (The Access): 'Prins Thomas Diskomiks for me ! Good work'

Felix Feygin (Chordashian (Mullet Records)): 'nice package, theres alot of cool stuff here, prins thomas mix is really cool '

Chloé: 'super good tracks! love them all'

Phred Noir (La Dame Noir): 'Cool remixers line up ! cheers'

Nathan Thursting (Nathan Detroit (Southern Fried)): 'madness and joy'

Viv / Anstacia (Blond:isn): 'big package'

Hun Choi (Hunee (Permanent Vacation/Internasjonal)): 'classics!!'

Gianluca Pandullo (I-Robots): 'Love the The Rule To Survive (Prins Thomas Diskomiks)! I-Robots approved!'

Sean Johnston (Hardway Bros, A Love From Outer Space, Disco Bloodbath): 'All killer, no filler!'

Matt Walsh (Turbo): 'liking the PT and KD remixes '

Kasper Bjorke (HFN): 'Prins Thomas and Baldelli & Dionigi remixes for me! Thanks!'

DJ Tennis (Kompakt / Life & Death): 'Time is Over (Gaudi & The Orb remix) is my favorite, but the whole release is a precious gem'

Nick Woolfson (Mock N Toof): 'interesting package...I like the Gaudi / Orb mix.'

Daniel Barnt (Kompakt / Mule Musiq): 'The Baldelli & Dionigi remix and Prins Thomas Diskomiks are both great. Thanks. '

Erik Rug (Rex Club): 'P Thomas & K Degirgio remixes are the ones for me...thx'

Andrew Claristidge (Acid Washed (Records makers)): '!!! Killer!!!'