We Wanna Glow!

N.O.I.A. Records is the home base of the band N.O.I.A. that were probably the first Italian electronic group and if their music was filled with echoes of early Kraftwerk (daddy Ralf and daddy Florian), it soon developed its own original style, preceding the British electronic musical experience of the early 80s (Depeche Mode, Human League, John Foxx, etc…). The label was re-founded in the 2014 releasing the N.O.I.A. old stuff, adding new versions and remixes. Until now the label released music by Prins Thomas, The Orb, Gaudi, Daniele Baldelli, Kirk Degiorgio, Dj Skull, The Hacker, Black Asteroid, TenGrams and more others. In a few words it’s possible to describe it as “Folk music for the robot generation”. Send your stuff (only Dropbox links) to: demo@noiarecords.com

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