Rising Demons
Release date 16 10 2015
Catalog # DEXIT006
Genre Techno


01. Suspense (Original Mix)
02. Hype (Original Mix)
03. Toxic (Original Mix)
04. DeeT (Original Mix)
05. Abye (Original Mix)
06. Vegan Discipline (Original Mix)
07. Fluid (Original Mix)
08. Winter is coming (Original Mix)
09. Dark Days (Original Mix)


Noizyknobs is a Live Techno duo project started in 2012 from the collaboration of two artists who grew up in an urban setting where Baroque architecture coexists with the concept of a modern and industrialized city. A place where underground clubs live in the shadows of car factories and eighteenth century buildings.
Their music displays a clear connection to the Detroit Techno scene, combining acid bass lines, melodic textures and pumping beats.


Michael Jonasson: Really nice sounds in there!! thanks guys!
BETON Radioshow: Thanks for the promo..nice sounds here. Will be supported:)
Wired Up Radio: Vegan discipline is the pick, nice ep thanks
Axel Karakasis: downloading, thanks!!
Urig & Dice: Huuuuge mixes! Definetly supporting this release. Thanks for sending!! Hard to choose a favourite..
Destroyer: Absolutely love sound and mood of this album. Definitly top stuff and full support!
Spiral Tribe: "Abye" i will use thanks
Markantonio Downloading for Markantonio...thanks for the music!!!
Gayle San: nice.
Monomood: SUPPORT!
Heinrichs & Hirtenfellner: "Hype " very nice :) thanks"
MIDI: cool sound for my set!
Deepness: Nice one, thanks
Subfractal: thanks
Nick Bowman: Banging EP!
Different Grooves: checking out the whole album, thanks for sending!
DJ Nori: Thank you!!
Alessandro Spaiani: Really big tunes, will play for sure.
Marco Asoleda: Very cool trip , great vibes , thx u
Veggie: Nice tracks, Dark Days is my fav
DJ Hildegard: a lot of great Tracks, thanks !
Stefano Infusino: Great sounds! full support! thx
Balthazar & JackRock: Awesome album, thanks
Spark Taberner: Very nice album, I have to give it another listen but I'm sure that I will play one of the tracks. Thanks for sending.
Milton Bradley: nice atmospheric tracks
Niereich: Nice tools here download for listening. Thx
Rob Hes: Some cool track in here. But everything goes to hard in a limiter. Don't like that overcompressed distortion sounds. Sorry
Jackstar: Proper techno....
Slam: will try these out thanx
Dario Sorano:fantastic ep, thx
Joseph Capriati: thanks.
Energun: good release!
Uglh: Nice tracks thx
Mixside: Great stuff !!!! Thanks !!!
Bogdan Taran: Will try Toxic
Spartaque: Found some big bangers here! Digging!
Paco Osuna: Will try thanks ;)