Music From and Inspired by the Film Series “It All Falls Apart” Vol. 1

Future Children

Future Children is the duo of CC Sheehan and Kevin Coral.
They first met back in the late 90s at Waterloo Sound recording studio (Guided By Voices, Kramies) and CC joined Coral's critically-acclaimed band, The Witch Hazel Sound in '98 for two albums. As Future Children, the boys have been spending the past several years recording some remixes (most notably one for the UK's famous psych duo, Amorphous Androgynous, which also featured the vocals of the legendary Peter Hammill from Van Der Graff Generator), a track with the Belgian artist Benjamin Schoos, which appeared on his "Doubt in my Heart" album and their first full-length (a "soundtrack" to the paranoid 60s classic book "The Crying of Lot 49" on the Scottish tape label, Bibliotapes, which was recently featured in the Guardian newspaper for their clever tapes that all feature musicians devoting a whole album to a certain book.)