Clockwork EP


Antenna! is the brand new music project created by the Italian producer Andrea Bertolini. Andrea, who’s a synth addicted and craftsman of the sound, over the last decade has shaped his own groove signature releasing hundreds of tracks for the best electronic music labels of the world; his particular attention and passion for stuff like Chicken Lips, Loose Joints and The Emperor Machine, that have been source of inspiration for him from day one, has generated the idea to create Antenna!. Juno 106, Korg MonoPoly and SCI Pro-one are his special weapons and disco, funk, house and psychedelic attitude are the special ingredients. Let yourself be taken by the hand for a dance floor journey from 110 bpm until the infinity.
Daniele Baldelli, the former, now internationally famous for his legendary dj sets at the clubs “Baia degli Angeli” in Gabicce and “Cosmic” in Lazise, reworked the track with the partnership of Davide & Alessandro Piatto from the cult Italian band N.O.I.A.. They created a cinematic dub version with a prominent bass line and a rich keyboards section in the style of "Cosmic Sound".