Unreleased Classic ’78-’82

2014 reissue. Originally released by Ersatz Audio.

Songs, written between 1978 and 1982, somehow never released before 2003. In 2000, N.O.I.A. go back into the studio to faithfully re-record exactly their earliest songs (minus the tape warble found in the original recordings). It is here that N.O.I.A. and Ersatz Audio meet, and agree to release these ''Unreleased Classics.''

"Ersatz have struck gold and are about to share this musical nugget with the rest of us. As relevant today as it was two decades ago, and will be two decades from now." -Vice

"...given the chance they could have rivalled both The Human League and Heaven 17." -Logo

"...mind-blowingly fantastic, really ridiculously enjoyable."

"...an album of 20-year-old songs that was recorded in the year 2000 and sounds like it was recorded yesterday, today and tomorrow all at once. With a great title. Is there anything else that you were after?" -No Ripcord